Sunday, June 26, 2011

Master Forestry Class Coming to Carkeek Park

Starting July 9th, Carkeek Park will once again host a Master Forester Class to train skilled volunteers as urban forest stewards.
This 12-week course spans through the summer, fall and winter months and focuses on species identification, forest restoration and management, and knowledge of forestry tools.  Hands-on work includes removal of invasive plants, site preparation, planting, monitoring, tool maintenance, and developing a 3-year workplan for a section of the park.

This is the fourth such class offered at Carkeek Park, with previous classes run every other year since 2005.  The course will be led by Master Foresters Lex Voorhoeve and Loren McElvain.  (Loren is a graduate of Carkeek's first Master Forester class.)  Seattle Parks' Naturalist Brian Gay, who directed the first three Master Forester classes, will contribute where possible.
This year's class is full, but there is hope to run another installment in 2013.

Four Master Forestry Volunteers clearing Laurel bushes.
Successful completion of the Master Forestry course gives participants the necessary background to work as stewards in the urban forests of Seattle, support Seattle Parks Department in park maintenance, lead work parties of volunteers, and adopt sections of the park to observe and maintain.  
Click here to see a brochure from the 2009 Master Forestry Class at Carkeek Park. 

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